What We Do

What we do

Data labelling may seem like a task that would probably not have much impact on the AI – ML algorithms, but the contrary is closer to reality. Data Labelling is critical for any such AI/ML project’s success & it does require great attention to detail and a special set of skills to execute efficiently and accurately on a large scale. Since your ML algorithms are only as good as your data.

We are an established player in the field of data annotation, our clients benefit from our capability to easily and efficiently deliver large volumes of high-quality data across various data types, like audio, video, speech, image and text for your specific AI project needs.

We provide several different data collection solutions and services to best suit our clients’ specific needs:

We fulfill the data curation needs of our clients & also deliver business solutions to solve their most pressing problems using AI and ML.

We at PrepEra (a unit of ThirdEye Data) , have handled & delivered various A.I. based Business Projects where we have provided solutions & training datasets to some of the world’s largest companies , including some of the top fortune 500 companies.

Over the years, not only have we empowered businesses by providing training datasets to develop and train their AI models but we have also developed expertise in AI based deliveries and Machine Learning models, hence we understand the importance of clean and useful data in delivering quality results.

Training Datasets
For Your AI Models

PrepEra annotates, labels and curates data as needed to develop the training datasets for your AI models.