About Company

Who are we

PrepEra specializes in delivering quality datasets & training data for the AI/ML models. We at PrepEra, do data annotation & data labeling in different forms at scale and for smaller requirements using the latest AI technologies.

 PrepEra is a subsidiary business unit of Thirdeye-Data, an experienced business solutions provider using the latest AI/ML technologies. We are based out of the BayArea with our development centres in India.


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Our History

History begins in 2010 with the foundation


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Take trivial example which idea of ever undertakes.

What we do

Data labeling may seem like a trivial task, however it requires great attention to detail and a special set of skills to execute efficiently and accurately on a large scale. We are an established player in the field, our clients benefit from our capability to easily and efficiently deliver large volumes of high-quality data across various data types, like audio, video, speech, image and text for your specific AI project needs.

How we do it

Our own team along with the help of our dedicated source of agents we fetch, clean, annotate and provide structured data for running AI models. We are one of the pioneers in the field of AI and ML based Project deliveries and building scalable products using A.I. and machine learning. 

To provide data at scale we have the Crowd (army of agents), Platform & Experience which is required to deliver world class training datasets for confident AI teams.

 We use human intelligence in tandem with AI models to create high-quality training data sets. We provide enterprise level analytics , enterprise level security & compliance.