Hands-on AI Knowledge
& Experience

PrepEra has acquired deep knowledge in the field of data annotation. We at PrepEra have had varied hands-on experiences with AI technologies while implementing many real-word AI applications for some of the top Fortune 500 customers. Over the last decade. we have designed 100s of AI models and curated training datasets for these AI models.


Deliver to Business Expectations

With real-world hands-on experiences comes the ability to deliver results, in line with business requirements. The ability to craft up a proper training dataset as per the needs of the associated AI model is the first step to ensure that that the AI model will deliver as per expectations.


Custom Solutions for
Industry Domains

Different industries have different business needs and expectations. Hence it is natural that our customers need customized solutions best suited to their specific needs. PrepEra has worked with multiple industry leaders to curate datasets and deliver AI models that meet the needs of their domains perfectly.

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Training Datasets for Your Business Success

Machine learning algorithms learn from labeled data, data that has been tagged with labels. But developers do not explicitly program machine learning algorithms to make decisions, they program the models that learn from labeled data.
Businesses adopt AI technology to automate decision-making and benefit from new business opportunities, however it is not as easy as it may seem. In fact, a McKinsey article listed data annotation as the most challenging limitations to AI adoption.
Data labeling enables machines to gain an accurate understanding of real-world conditions and opens up opportunities for a wide variety of businesses and industries.

Prepera takes the leap to train as many datasets as possible, making a remarkable move to minimize human intervention in the various phases of data preparation, thus increasing the velocity of annotation & ensuring high quality datasets for the AI models.

Training Datasets
For Your AI Models

PrepEra annotates, labels, and curates data to prepare
training datasets for your AI models.